Providing Simple answers to complex IT questions.


Q:  So what exactly is  SimpleIT ?

A:  SimpleIT  is the name we've chosen to describe our service concept. You choose from a variety of service types; remote, or on-site. You choose how you would like to pay for service: fixed-fee or an hourly rate. It's all about choice. You choose what to address, and how much we do for you. From, quick server and backup checks, to in-depth workstation optimization. The concept is to offer simple, clear choices to cover your individual needs. SimpleIT  gives you the choices and control over your tech issues and IT budget. RB Balch delivers the same great service regardless of which options you choose.


Q:  What does the fixed-fee monthly charge cover?

A:  For each chosen service option, we provide a list of covered items (issues, labor, response level). Some items include "usual and customary maintenance". Depending on which options you choose, everything could be covered except special projects or adding new equipment, or some items may be covered, while other items get billed at a per-hour rate.

Q:  What is the average length of an hourly rate appointment?

A:  The length of onsite visits depends on the number and condition of your equipment – and, to some extent, the level of IT knowledge from your staff.  A typical office with about 8 to 12 computers, one server, and a few printers is about 1.5 to 2 hours, every 4 weeks.


Q:  With fixed-fee, what costs extra?

A:  In most cases, you only pay extra for three things. One: all hardware and parts are not included in the monthly fee. Two: adding/replacing PCs or servers. Three: any "projects" outside the scope of the covered services (for example, switching accounting software packages, moving to a new office).

Q: For fixed-fee, what equipment can be covered?

A: All Windows-based equipment is eligible for coverage, however, equipment must be in good, stable running condition, less than 5 years old, and meet some technical conditions. Many times equipment can be brought "up to standard" (via upgrade or repair) and then can be covered. We will be very clear about what equipment does and does not qualify for coverage. We do not currently offer fixed-fee options for Apple products, or products that run Unix/Linux OS. For items not eligible for fixed-fee service, we can provide service at the hourly rate.

Q:  What do I need to do to sign up for service?

A:  Signing up is Simple! Contact RB Balch for additional information. For hourly service, we can schedule an appointment and start right away. For fixed-fee service, we will schedule an on-site IT Assessment. This process takes a basic inventory of your systems and determines if systems are eligible for coverage. We then provide you with a customized quote and SLA (service level agreement).

Q:If I choose hourly or fixed-fee now, can I change later?

A: Sure! Our number one priority is client satisfaction. We won't pressure you to choose one option over another. Whatever your needs, whatever you choose, we want to deliver impeccable service that you will tell your friends and colleagues about. Fixed-fee service does require a time commitment, but we are always willing to work with you.

Q:How do I learn more?

A: It's easy: simply pick up the phone and call 623-561-9366 and we will go over all the options. Or email us at Don't forget to request our monthly newsletter, full of tips and savings. And be sure to check out our social media page.